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Marielle3Dear Soccer Mom and Dad,

My name is Marielle and I’m a for-real U18 soccer player.  I play on my high school varsity soccer team and I’m also an Assistant Coach for a youth travel soccer club.  I can honestly say that being able to play at this level and coach has been a “dream come true”.

But my achievements and success as a teenage soccer player did not come easy.  It took determination, perseverance, and a lot of extra hard work... more than most girls had to put in.

a_castextYou see, when I was 11-years-old, I broke my right leg in a scrimmage soccer game when a goalie for the other team slide-tackled me as I tried to score a goal.  I can’t tell you the excruciating pain I had while I laid on the soccer field waiting for the ambulance to come and rush me to the hospital.

With my dad by my side, I just prayed that the pain would stop and that I would be “normal” someday.

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After almost 6 months in a full-leg cast and another 6 months in physical therapy, I was ready to play soccer again.  But the problem was that I literally had to learn how to play all over again.  I had lost my speed, my foot skills, my strength, and the ball control skills I had learned in all the years before my injury on the field that night.  If it weren’t for my parents and the coaches back then who took their extra time with me, I wouldn’t be the soccer player I am today.

My dad was so impressed with the way these coaches organized and taught me EXACTLY what I needed to know and practice on my own between team practices, games, and seasons that he recruited these same coaches to create a soccer video training program just for girls.  Now backed by a mountain of proven results from thousands of other teams, coaches, and players, 6 Weeks To Soccer Magic! is a 6-DVD home training program that I know will help your daughter improve her soccer game faster and with less wasted effort in just 6 weeks or less...

Guaranteed... or my dad will see that you get all your money back!

“This is one of the best soccer training programs on DVD available today.  It helped my daughter improve beyond her expectations.  Her coach just can’t believe what a better player she’s become in just a couple of months.  Thank you.”
                                                                                 --- Jay M., soccer dad

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I can tell you from my own short experience as a young soccer player that to become a better soccer player these days, it takes more than just the time we spend at team practices. It takes “extra time and effort” working on specific soccer drills and exercises on our own.

And it takes desire and discipline (as my dad says) to want to go out in the backyard after school and “spend more time on the ball” to achieve this goal. But if it weren’t for the plan of what to practice and how to practice, I would have never gotten better and been able to play at the level I can today.

My dad says that 6 Weeks To Soccer Magic! is the only soccer training program of its kind that successfully overcomes all the reasons we kids don’t like to go out in the backyard and practice. It is designed specifically for young girl soccer players between the ages of 8 to 14.

It’s easy to follow - you just put one of the 6 Weekly Training DVDs in your DVD player or computer, watch them a few times, and then take your Progress Chart with you into the backyard and practice. It really is that simple!

The best part is that 6 Weeks To Soccer Magic! only focused on a small group of “essential” soccer skills that, when learned and practiced, can help your daughter play well beyond the other players in her age group.

“I wanted to send you a big thank you for putting "Soccer Magic" together.  It's been a year since my daughter, then 10, finished the six week program, and I can't tell you how helpful it has been to her on and off the field.  The sound skills foundation and conditioning has led her to have great confidence and composure on the field.  Prior to purchase, I had no soccer coaching experience or formal playing experience, so it really focused us on how to best spend our time.

Now at 11, she's teaching soccer magic to her 7 year old brother.  I can't wait to see his results!   You should see her rip through the drills now, and it's hard to imagine that she thought some of them were impossible last year (especially Sean's)! 

After the finishing the program, she garnered a few accolades: twice selected as the #1 player at her age group for the area AYSO traveling team, #1 selected player for her school team, selected to play for Slammers FC (2009 Top Drawer #1 rated youth soccer club in the US), but beyond all that she has taken to heart that consistent, hard work, puts you way ahead of your competition, and makes you feel good at the same time! And that's pretty awesome to find in an 11 year old!”

                                                  --- David Blackman, proud soccer dad


6 Weeks To Soccer Magic! features four great youth soccer coaches (all of which trained me) and consists of 6 Weekly Training DVDs covering skills and conditioning in 4 of the important areas of soccer for young girls.  What are they?

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The “Secrets” Behind
The Training System
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Why It Works So Well
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Why The Essential Drills
& Skills Really Matter
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The Best Way To Use It
Both On & Off Season
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1) Strength, Agility, & Endurance

2) Ball Control & Ball Management

3) First Touch & Foot Movement Skills

4) Passing, Receiving, & Striking The Ball!

Each “essential” drill, skill, and exercise is explained and demonstrated in step-by-step detail so that your daughter will not only understand how and why she is doing them, but how they ultimately apply where it counts...on the soccer field!

Want to see the Complete 6-Week Training Outline of the 6 Weeks To Soccer Magic! Program? Click Here...

charttearsmAnd to keep your daughter “on-track” with her backyard practicing, there are 6 Weekly Progress & Assessment Charts included in the program so she can see exactly how she’s doing week by week.

Your daughter can use 6 Weeks To Soccer Magic! during the regular fall and spring soccer seasons between team practices and games, as well as during the winter and summer as sort of a soccer camp right in her own backyard. It is perfect to keep your daughter motivated and excited about “doing that something extra” at home on her own that will inevitably show up in making better plays and scoring more goals!

Best of all thanks to my dad, 6 Weeks To Soccer Magic! comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.  This means you can buy it “risk-free” and your daughter can use it for 30 days, if you or your daughter are unsatisfied with it for any reason and don’t think it will help her advance her skills and confidence on the field, simply call my dad at 215-208-9828 and he’ll send you all your money back, no questions asked!.

“I would like to thank you for the 6 Weeks to Soccer Magic DVD program.  I have watched my daughter, Katie (age 10) play rec soccer for years and last year we made the jump to competitive. I noticed she lacked the skills to control and move the ball as well as some other girls in U12.

After researching your series, I decided to dedicate the summer working the program to see if we could get some measurable improvement with Katie's soccer skills. I purchased the series online and we started in June. Katie and I have dedicated 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week to the field drills and one hour a day, three days a week to the strength and conditioning exercises. 

The charts have been great and the DVDs really help me explain the drills to Katie. Many times she will watch it on my computer as we drive to the local soccer field to practice.  I often find myself going back to re-watch Coach Sean's drills to make sure I have body position and footwork correct.
I have been amazed with Katie's progress.  Monday is tough, Tuesday is challenging and by Thursday she has control of the drills and can pass the tests I give her on Friday. She has made the transition to the combo moves and seems to be confident and comfortable doing the drills.
The series has also helped her understand the game.  Fortunately we had World Cup games to watch this summer.  I can't tell you how many times we would see a move we learned on the DVD performed during the games.”
Jeff Ferguson
Orlando, FL.

What will your daughter really learn from using the
6 Weeks To Soccer Magic Home Training System?
Here’s just a “short list” of what’s covered...

redtick02The exact exercises a young soccer player should be doing to begin strengthening and conditioning their body to play with more agility and less fatigue.

redtick02Why juggling the ball is so important for on-the-field play and how it can be “mastered” in less than half the time.

redtick02A powerful secret behind striking the ball more accurately and with more power, and yet without having to “muscle” the ball.

redtick02The absolute 4 best foot skill drills that a young player should be doing for better ball control on the soccer field.

redtick02How to strengthen your lower body and legs to meet the demanding challenges of longer playing times and difficult field conditions.

redtick02An easy way to master dribbling the ball in both tight spaces and in open field situations that makes it possible to “sizzle past” even the toughest defender.

redtick02What drill to practice that will make you “bulls-eye accurate” in passing and serving the ball to your teammates and away from your opponents.

redtick02How you can capitalize on making better plays and scoring more goals just by learning how to use both the inside and outside of your foot.

redtick02A 5-minute upper body conditioning routine guaranteed to level the playing field when the game gets “physical”.

redtick02Little-known secrets about how to take the ball out of the air without losing it to a nearby opponent.

redtick02The right and the wrong way to use your “stance and balance” to effectively stay in control of the ball.

redtick02The 4 “must have” foot moves you will need to outperform your opponents when you have to challenge them one-on-one.

redtick02How to use “core” strengthening exercises to enhance the way you move on the field and prevent indirect injuries.

redtick02The 4 “essential” beat-the-girl moves you need master before you play in your next season.

redtick02How to use “first touch” effectively to receive the ball, move the ball in open space, and confidently change direction to play on the field.

redtick02How you can excel in your agility with the ball by practicing these simple but effective drills.

redtick02Learn what exercises you should be performing to improve your endurance, agility, and strength, all in a short, concise 10-minute routine.

redtick02What 3 things you can do when an opponent “catches on” to your foot work and moves.

redtick02The single most important skill you should use when passing and receiving the ball to and from a teammate.

redtick024 proven foot skill training drills that will enable you to take advantage of your competition and “wow” your opponents.

redtick02How to use “combination exercises” to condition all the right muscle groups simultaneously for better and more coordinated performance on the soccer field.

redtick02How to get quicker on the ball and explode past your defenders when you use the “essential” beat-the-girl moves on the field.

redtick02The 2 most effective ways to shoot on goal that will enable you to improve your scoring success.

redtick02How to use skillful footwork to ease your way toward a winning goal... and a winning season!

Soccerball-transmall  Here’s Actual Screen Shots Of “6 Weeks To Soccer Magic!”










“As a coach, I have asked my team to get up 15 minutes earlier to do their strength and conditioning exercises from the program. I also do the exercises with my daughter and I can tell it helps her get her day off to a good start - she feels great.


At practice, I can see that the whole team has improved in ball control and strength. We watch the videos, then do the drills. The kid’s attitudes have been jumping off the charts. Just a great training program!”
              --- Terence Durham, Soccer Dad & Coach, Somerville Stars

Finally, you might be asking...“So How Much Does It Cost?”

6WTSMSeparateDVDs2-200My dad is pretty good at math, so he did a comparison on all the stuff he bought over the years in trying to help me after I broke my leg. Maybe you’ve already bought some of the same things, but here’s what he figured out.

The last time you were in a bookstore leafing through soccer books, did you notice that some of the better ones were about $25.00 each. My dad says that just about everyone who buys them eventually realizes that after a few times of trying to figure out how to do the drills in them, they end up collecting dust just like all the other “trophy books” in a bookcase.

How about soccer training videos? My dad says that those individual soccer videos usually cost around $24.95 each. But, my dad says that the only problem with these is you have a buy at least two or three of them because you have to get one just on dribbling the ball, one on shooting, one on... well, I think you get the idea. You could end up with a whole “library” of videos and you’d probably end up spending around $150.00. And if you’re like my dad, you would because you wouldn’t want your daughter to miss out on some drill or skill she might need.

Or you could try to entice your daughter into practicing more if you buy her some new piece of equipment. Maybe a soccer net for the backyard? Or maybe a lighter, “faster” pair of soccer shoes? You’ll end up spending between $50-$100 for either one of these too.

Or you could hire a personal soccer trainer to work with your daughter for an hour or two each week like my dad did. He tells me that a “good” soccer trainer charges anywhere from $45-$60 an hour, so that’s about $200 a month for at least 2-3 months ($600 total).

If you bought any combination of these, well you could end up spending hundreds, even thousands of dollars over the course of just one soccer season. I think my dad did this!

6 Weeks To Soccer Magic doesn’t come anywhere near the cost of all these. In fact, the entire 6 Weeks To Soccer Magic 6-DVD Home Soccer Training System costs just pennies a day and a fraction of the cost of two hours of personal soccer coaching without the hassles. You don’t have to run your daughter to extra practices, pay for personal coaching sessions, or even buy more soccer videos.

Plus, the 6 Weeks To Soccer Magic 6-DVD Home Soccer Training System can be used for preparation before the next upcoming soccer season, between seasons, and even as a supplemental soccer training tool during the regular season on the “off-days” from team-scheduled practices.

I even use it today when I help coach young soccer players because it is a great training tool you can use over and over again to stay sharp on the soccer field once your daughter “masters” it.

“I’m a soccer coach of 8-year-old girls as well as a father of one of them. I used the first week on my daughter and she really improved her game. My team also uses Week #1 every practice. It not only improved their game, but it boosted their confidence as well.


6 Weeks To Soccer Magic! has helped me as a coach to learn how to develop certain areas they need to work on. Thanks for all your hard work. it has made a huge difference in my coaching ability and gives our team a significant and obvious edge on the competition.”
                                                --- Rich Peters, U8 Soccer Dad & Coach

Only 1000 Copies Available Each Soccer Season...

My dad is the CEO and video product developer for his company  Each Fall and Spring soccer season, he is allowed to produce only 1000 copies of the 6 Weeks To Soccer Magic Home Soccer Training System.  He says that the soccer coaches in the training program wanted it that way and he respects their wishes.  They are REAL soccer coaches who are busy coaching a number of Select Travel and ODP teams throughout the year.  If you want to know more about the 6 Weeks To Soccer Magic Coaches, Click Here.

You see, they stand behind their video training system and help parents and other coaches who buy the 6 Weeks To Soccer Magic Home Soccer Training System any way they can.  They’ve even been asked to give soccer clinics in different parts of the country because of  how good their training program is.

So, once the 1000 copies are sold for the year, that’s it - the 6 Weeks To Soccer Magic Video Training System isn’t available again until NEXT YEAR.  

“I was surprised when I received the program in the mail.  It was more than I expected.  Well worth the money at any price.  I would recommend it to any one.  It is a ‘must have’ DVD program!”
                                                                     --- Rodney W., soccer coach

Here’s How You Can Buy It “Risk-Free” For Just $57!

100guarantee6WTSMSeparateDVDs2-200If you get to the bottom of this web page and you don’t see a SOLD OUT sign, that means there are still a limited number of copies left for this soccer season that you can order right now for only $57 and have your daughter work with it completely risk-free for 30 days by simply clicking the Click Here To Buy It Now! Button below.

BUT, when 1000 copies are gone, the 6 Weeks To Soccer Magic Home Soccer Training System won’t be available again until right before next soccer season.  And yes, while you can get it at our regular retail price of $97 on as well as a whole host of other websites through our affiliate partners, you can get it RIGHT NOW at the Special Price of only $57.

Keep in mind that anytime during this 30-Day Risk-Free Trial, if you aren’t 100% convinced that 6 Weeks To Soccer Magic is the best soccer home-training tool you’ve ever purchased for your daughter, just return it and my dad will cheerfully refund your money.

If you want to pay with credit card, all credit card orders you place are completely safe through the secure online credit card server at PayPal... even if you don’t have a PayPal account.

 If you feel uncomfortable ordering over the internet, don't hesitate to call my dad directly on his cell phone to order at 215-208-9828, Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST.

If having 6 Weeks To Soccer Magic for your very own is something you want to help your daughter play better or you to coach better, don’t miss this opportunity to grab your copy of it now for only $57.

We accept ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS and PayPal for your convenience.


BUT... we only sell and ship 6 Weeks To Soccer Magic within the U.S. and to Canada!

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